Monday, FPI and Depe Jupe Report to Police

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Some time ago, to circulate in cyberspace, Dewi Persik sexy photos are not going to defend the Islamic Front in silence. Looking at the phenomenon of the artist on the film more exciting pictures and poses, FPI is they often Metorojaya Polda day Monday, June 12 to report the number of artists will be important next to the vulgarity.

Other Perssik goddess Juriaperesu, then, Andi Soraya's, and in several other artists are reported. "Monday morning, when we reported several artists to spit in the private part of his movies and the Internet is often the police," 04 December 2010 (Saturday) in Jakarta on chairman of the DPP's Sarimuaratasu Habib said.

Salim's website, some blamed the incident cycle of the number of photos of the artist. "We want to collect data for the first photos as evidence to be introduced by the police. We deplore the way the photos that they" Salim Habib's Selon is close, he said, called it.

Salim added, FPI has added several reasons for these artists have been reported. "Photos and movies to their many casualties, it is also for the Please refer to rape and other sexual crimes more minors, we have them, regret, I want to apologize to the community. "

Complaints about the plan, Salim's said, and efforts to rescue the younger generation. "We have made a number of criminal cases that occur because of pornography on the Internet to save the morality of the nation."

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