Dewi Persik is, FPI Will Report the Response Dump Time!

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Goddess of the artist is asked Perssik Front (FPI is) that he plans to defend Islam to the police report. Depe, the action never hurt anyone not feel close to call Goddess Perssik.

In fact, FPI is the only Depe not report. Line of other artists, Juriaperesu, then, Andi Soraya's, there were militants are reported to the army and other such sexy actress. People circulating in cyberspace, especially in the private part, and are believed to bring lots of fun but hot and humid FPI.

"The reason I have not been reported because the Internet was a photograph of my doang it. Please think again reasonably," he said moments Depe, December 4, 2010 (Saturday).

The Depe, FPI is a measure of regret. "I have nothing better to do, in addition to the report," Jamil said this former wife's Syaiful.

Depe addition, FPI has questioned the ability of the report itself. The substance of the report and its purpose, he was not thinking clear. "I do not have a lot of hurting people have a job," Depe said.

He insisted, however Depe FPI report is not give a damn. Acknowledged that work had a headache and have to face him. "I often work with trout. I think is a waste of time around, although it contains the defamatory to respond to reports that it has only let me, the" Song Singer ' Stealth 'said.

Depe his confidence, it is wise to the police in this regard. "I do not have any police need to know whether it would take care of those that do not know what good police and I believe it," Depe said

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