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"Coming to the El-Clasico, Barcelona More Confident"

El-Clasico match jild II La Liga this season, Sunday, April 22, 2012, activists in the spotlight of European football is no exception Feyenoord coach, Ronald Koeman. He considered Barcelona more than Real Madrid are favorites.

Assiten Former Barcelona coach in 1998 until 1999 it looked, Barcelona is more prepared to look at this prestius duel. In the meantime, Madrid is still haunted by grave doubts led the standings when they travel to Camp Nou this weekend.

Barcelona are still sitting at rank 2 with a packing 51 points. However, Koeman optimistic Azulgrana can handle the pressure to cut the difference in the four digits with the eternal rival. If the predictions prove correct, Madrid will be increasingly difficult to reap the domestic league title.

In the first meeting early in the season, Barcelona managed to frustrate Madrid with a convincing score 1-3, in December 2011. "If Barca win, it becomes a heavy psychological blow for Madrid," said Koemen as reported by Tribal Football. "Barcelona are more confident and Madrid hit a big doubt."

So, how the game a classic duel Koeman later than glasses? "Madrid will seek a draw. They will play conservative and try to play with a low tempo, and relying on counterattacks to score," said the Dutch architect.

After highlighting the El-Clasico duel, Koeman believes both sides will stab each other in the Champions League final which took place at the Allianz Arena, on May 19 next. In fact, in the first leg semi-final, Spain's two elite teams failed to win.

"I am sure, Barcelona and Madrid are in the final. It would be a good match. Barca will change everything in the leg 2. Because they are better than Chelsea," he added.
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After the prediction of El Clasico De Boer

 El Clasico duel this weekend is drawing attention of many parties. Across Europe seems to not want to miss the classic La Liga match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Sunday, April 22, 2012.

Ronald De Boer who now handle the Ajax Amsterdam youth team had his own predictions related to the final outcome in these prestigious games. De Boer look, on paper, Madrid remain favorites to win this season regardless of the results of which are listed later in the two rival Camp Nou.

The player who once grazed with Barcelona in the era 1998 to 2000 were convinced Madrid will not lose the top of La Liga despite defeat in the face of his nemesis, Barcelona.

The assumption expressed by De Boer is certainly not without reason. Judging by the standings board, Los Galacticos now at the top of wrap 85 points, four points ahead of Barcelona with 81 points.

"I certainly hope that Barcelona will win the League title. But I have a hunch, Madrid did not let the title of this drifting again," De Boer told of NUSport.

"In fact, if Madrid lose in El Clasico, I think they will win the title," continued the former Ajax Amsterdam icon.

Jose Mourinho factor, as a tactician El Real, De Boer is believed to make the strength of the team that is identical to the white color of the fold. However, he also predict, all possibilities can still happen.

"They have made some progress under Mourinho. They scored many goals. I do not think they will win all remaining games. But Barcelona also will not do it," said De Boer.
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The fate of George-Arifin Announced This Afternoon

The fate of the nomination of George Toisutta and Arifin Panigoro will be announced this afternoon, Friday, April 30, 2011. Both are advanced as a candidate for chairman and vice chairman PSSI period 2011-2015.

After verification of the prospective candidates EXCO PSSI officers, Normalization Committee will announce the results of its work. Announcements will be delivered in the office of PSSI, completion SUGBK, Senayan, Jakarta.

"To be announced at two o'clock this afternoon," said member of the Normalisation Committee, FX Hadi Rudiyatmo brief in PSSI's office, Friday, April 29, 2011.

The announcement of the verification is of course the most awaited moment by the owner of the voice PSSI joined in Group 78. They want to be sure about the status of champion, George and Arifin.

The verification process itself is running a lot and had tinged dispute between fellow members of the Normalisation Committee. Some consider George and Arifin not feasible because it was banned FIFA forward.

But some members of the KN others apparently another opinion. They think both candidates are worthy to be verified because they think FIFA has no strong basis to ban both.

There are no leaks on the results of verification performed by the Normalization Committee. Member KN, Siti Nurzanah when met reporters this morning declined to comment about the results of her team conducted verification.

"Please wait later. Let me pack Chairman (Agum Gumelar) that deliver," said Siti.

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Djoko: By Empty TNI Bekingi NII KW9

Government again stressed that no link between intelligence with Indonesian Islamic State movement commandment Region 9 (NII KW9). NII KW9 If it exists, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is ready.

"Do not believe rumors that the intelligence, military, support KW9. That's nonsense," said Djoko Suyanto three ministries, the Office of the Vice President, Central Jakarta, Friday, April 29, 2011.

According to Djoko Suyanto, in this era is currently not possible to act on intelligence and military support such movements. Moreover, KW9 NII organization was not officially registered. But, Djoko said indeed there are indications that the movement never existed.

"That was investigated. It's since the 1990s. If now arise again, NIA (National Intelligence Agency) has been running," said former TNI chief.

Djoko asserted, KW9 NII movement does not threaten national security. There is no threat of treason establishment of an Islamic state from KW9 NII movement.

"The point is, do not let the government take lightly. There does not appear in a massive movement. If troubling, I agree," said Djoko. The movement was only considered as an unofficial organization alone.

"That's activities to influence people, that one's organization invited. His organization is not listed, others squeeze," said Djoko

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Guardiola hits out at Mourinho as Clasico tensions build

Barcelona head coach Josep Guardiola hit back at his Real Madrid counterpart Jose Mourinho ahead of the European Champions League semifinal first leg between the two teams on Wednesday.

The tie at Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu will be the third of four matches between the arch rivals, clashes which are known as "El Clasico", in 18 days across three competitions.

Real recently defeated Spanish first division leaders Barca 1-0 in the Copa del Rey final on April 20 and it is comments made by Mourinho in the wake of that match which aggravated Guardiola.

"Since he has chosen to to talk about me, I'll do the same," former club captain Guardiola said on Barcelona's official web site.

Is Jose Mourinho the master of mind games?
Barcelona set for battle
Real Madrid fan on third El Clasico

"[Wednesday] we'll face each other on the pitch. He's won his games off the pitch and I'll give him his personal Champions [League] for that -- just take it home and enjoy it."

Portuguese boss Mourinho used his press conference ahead of the match to accuse Guardiola, 40, of criticizing referees when they make correct decisions.

The former Inter Milan coach's comments related to the Copa del Rey final, in which Barca had a goal from Spain forward Pedro correctly disallowed for offside.

"There have been two groups of managers up until now," the one-time Chelsea coach Mourinho told Real's official web site.

"A quiet one who doesn't talk about referees and a louder one, such as myself, that criticizes the referees when they make significant mistakes.

"We have entered a new era following the statements made by Guardiola and there is now a third group. He is the only one in it as he criticizes the right calls made by referees. I had never seen anything like it before."

According to British newspaper The Guardian, Guardiola responded in strong fashion and said: "In this room [Real's press room], he is the chief, the f*****g man. In here he is the f*****g man and I can't compete with him.

"If Barcelona want someone who competes with that, then they should look for another manager. But we, as a person and an institution, don't do that."

Guardiola, who was a Barca player when Mourinho was part of the club's coaching staff between 1996 and 2000, was unhappy with his opponent alleging he had targeted match officials.

"I simply congratulated Madrid after the [Copa del Rey] final. If you think that his allegation that I always complain about the referees is true after you've all heard me over the last three years, well there's nothing I can do.

"Off the pitch, against his media supporters, there's nothing we can do to fight that. I've seen it before with Mourinho, he did it at Chelsea and now he's doing it here."

The Catalan club, who are three-time European champions, will be without Spain midfielder Andres Iniesta for the first match of the last-four tie.

The 26-year-old, who scored the winner for his country in the 2010 World Cup final against Netherlands, is out with an injury to his right calf, but club captain Carles Puyol should be fit for the match.

Real have won Europe's premier club competition on nine occasions, but will be without Sami Khedira for Wednesday's clash after the Germany international suffered a leg injury.

Portugal defender Ricardo Carvalho will also miss the match through suspension.

The return leg is in Barcelona on May 3, with the winner advancing to face Manchester United or Schalke in the final at Wembley Stadium, London on May 28.


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Americans ask Twitter user data

United States Government has a call or a summons to the social networking site Twitter to ask for personal information of people associated with Wikileaks, as stated in court documents.

District court in the state of Virginia said it asked for various information, including usernames (username), address, mortgage records, telephone number and payment information.

They call it, including the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange and a member of the parliament of Iceland.

U.S. is studying the possibility to charge the cost against Assange 250,000 in connection with the leak secret diplomatic cables on the site Wikileaks.

The reports indicate that the Justice Department could try to accuse him on charges of conspiracy to steal documents with Private First Class Bradley Manning served as an intelligence analyst at the U. S. Western Force.

Manning, a military court and sentenced 52 years in prison face charges sent to Wikileaks wire material in the form of diplomatic and military records motion about the incident in Afghanistan and Iraq in addition tot'n secret military video.

According to a court order issued on December 14 by District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, U. S. Supreme Kejakasaan evidence to show that the information that Twitter "relevant and important to the ongoing criminal investigation. "

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