Djoko: By Empty TNI Bekingi NII KW9

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Government again stressed that no link between intelligence with Indonesian Islamic State movement commandment Region 9 (NII KW9). NII KW9 If it exists, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is ready.

"Do not believe rumors that the intelligence, military, support KW9. That's nonsense," said Djoko Suyanto three ministries, the Office of the Vice President, Central Jakarta, Friday, April 29, 2011.

According to Djoko Suyanto, in this era is currently not possible to act on intelligence and military support such movements. Moreover, KW9 NII organization was not officially registered. But, Djoko said indeed there are indications that the movement never existed.

"That was investigated. It's since the 1990s. If now arise again, NIA (National Intelligence Agency) has been running," said former TNI chief.

Djoko asserted, KW9 NII movement does not threaten national security. There is no threat of treason establishment of an Islamic state from KW9 NII movement.

"The point is, do not let the government take lightly. There does not appear in a massive movement. If troubling, I agree," said Djoko. The movement was only considered as an unofficial organization alone.

"That's activities to influence people, that one's organization invited. His organization is not listed, others squeeze," said Djoko

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