The fate of George-Arifin Announced This Afternoon

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The fate of the nomination of George Toisutta and Arifin Panigoro will be announced this afternoon, Friday, April 30, 2011. Both are advanced as a candidate for chairman and vice chairman PSSI period 2011-2015.

After verification of the prospective candidates EXCO PSSI officers, Normalization Committee will announce the results of its work. Announcements will be delivered in the office of PSSI, completion SUGBK, Senayan, Jakarta.

"To be announced at two o'clock this afternoon," said member of the Normalisation Committee, FX Hadi Rudiyatmo brief in PSSI's office, Friday, April 29, 2011.

The announcement of the verification is of course the most awaited moment by the owner of the voice PSSI joined in Group 78. They want to be sure about the status of champion, George and Arifin.

The verification process itself is running a lot and had tinged dispute between fellow members of the Normalisation Committee. Some consider George and Arifin not feasible because it was banned FIFA forward.

But some members of the KN others apparently another opinion. They think both candidates are worthy to be verified because they think FIFA has no strong basis to ban both.

There are no leaks on the results of verification performed by the Normalization Committee. Member KN, Siti Nurzanah when met reporters this morning declined to comment about the results of her team conducted verification.

"Please wait later. Let me pack Chairman (Agum Gumelar) that deliver," said Siti.

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