Americans ask Twitter user data

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United States Government has a call or a summons to the social networking site Twitter to ask for personal information of people associated with Wikileaks, as stated in court documents.

District court in the state of Virginia said it asked for various information, including usernames (username), address, mortgage records, telephone number and payment information.

They call it, including the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange and a member of the parliament of Iceland.

U.S. is studying the possibility to charge the cost against Assange 250,000 in connection with the leak secret diplomatic cables on the site Wikileaks.

The reports indicate that the Justice Department could try to accuse him on charges of conspiracy to steal documents with Private First Class Bradley Manning served as an intelligence analyst at the U. S. Western Force.

Manning, a military court and sentenced 52 years in prison face charges sent to Wikileaks wire material in the form of diplomatic and military records motion about the incident in Afghanistan and Iraq in addition tot'n secret military video.

According to a court order issued on December 14 by District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, U. S. Supreme Kejakasaan evidence to show that the information that Twitter "relevant and important to the ongoing criminal investigation. "
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