Why Indonesia Lose In Final AFF 2010

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The greatness of the Indonesian national team cut down his opponents in the round of the allowance for the AFF Cup in 2010 does not follow with trophies won AFF's success.

Why is this so?, what happened to the Indonesian national team?. We have to admit that the laser beam interference on the final leg of the first in Malaysia to make the concentration of the players to be dispersed.

But do not forget that the Indonesian national team had never felt the pressure during the preliminary round opponent's supporters.

They always treat with a song eagle on my chest and shouting supporters cheering the team which numbers tens of thousands, what happens to the Bukit Jalil stadium?. they look as if the dictation by supporters host a much larger group, they practically lost their best game.

One of the things that also be the cause of defeat is excessive praise to the players from the media, yet melakoni final game, but the praise that is given as if the Indonesian national team has won trophies AFF.

Luckily, in the final second leg at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, the national team managed to score 2 goals which is also the goal of entertainment for people INDONESIA.

In the future we hope that Indonesia's national team will be better again.
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