Triumph of the Will "The Enlightenment" Remarkable History

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The jury rejected FFI 2010, which also decides the Enlightenment as the best film. Although not recognized FFI Committee believes that the victory of Enlightenment, which will be recorded in history.

"I think the jury that the resignation does not affect anything, not even a result. Nothing is lost. This is not a routine victory, but is recorded in history," said former member of the jury's Film Festival Indonesia (FFI) 2010, Seno Gumira Ajidarma when found in Cinema Building, Jalan MT Haryono, Jakarta, Friday (03/12/2010) evening.

Born writer in America, said the choice of best film fell on the Enlightenment, should no longer open.

"The reason the movie The Enlightenment was the best movie is already clear. Yet nothing is more clear and evident," he said.

According to the author of the book to empty it, the Enlightenment of the awards will still get a plus in the eyes of society. Although ultimately, the gain was led to the resignation of the jury, the Committee of FFI.

"Even though the Enlightenment has the same added value. This is the prize for the illuminator he gets a plus. The jury rejected the victory even more weight to the Enlightenment," he concluded.

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