Asty Ananta Sing Rock

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Asty Anand admitted into the kitchen happy when you release a single record. He does not own, singing waterfalls Asty because unconfined invited a singer to be a friend duet.

"So, I invited the same people who are already old in the world of drag votes. In this song, I was invited to duet with unconfined. So very, very simple song sung and heard, the song is fun, "said Asty accompanied unconfined when found in Studio Bulungan, South Jakarta.

Unconfined Asty sound judge of character is perfect when coupled with his song.

"I thought the song fit his vocal Asty very same character," said unconfined.

Asty actually already know unconfined past 10 years, but was only able to work together this year in music.

"If my friends knew I was singing on and off air, abroad and also domestically. I am very flattered, I'm the only one singer, who has not had an album, but included in this duet. Hahaha, "said Asty.

Asty who claimed to have brought the genre of pop music, jazz, and R & B feel any different from when singing rock. In order for the character itself is not lost, he combines with a spoiled attitude in this song.

"Learning many new things. We see many new things from the positive side. really exciting. it's rock, but I'm spoiled, but still have the strength. Spoiled there, the emphasis is, he is strong and soft at the same time, "he admitted.

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