Video Clips USD 1 billion Indah Dewi Pertiwi

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Although somewhat newcomer, Beautiful Goddess of Earth, the singer of 'New Love Is What I Know' this could shake the country music realm and successfully sold 1.2 million CDs in just over 5 months.

The singer who had a duet with Sandhy Sondoro for the single 'The volatility of Love' was, like to have a different video clips on the repackage album entitled 'Hypnosis' property.

Anggi Umbara as a video clip director said, many things that must be spent to accomplish all the latest video clip of this beautiful Earth Goddess.

"One of them spend quite a lot because of the video clip is different. Must hire tankers, helicopters, and bring Rain, Korean singer, "said Anggi interpreter when talking to the news in numbers Kemang.

Then a video clip that really suck up the funds of Rp 1 billion? "If one billion, I think more so, more than that for sure. But I can not say for sure, great are his budget, "said Anggi added.

Singers who take shelter under the ketch Record labels have Bebi Romeo is, wants her career to pure work. Beautiful Goddess also had fallen ill because they have finished shooting a video clip that costly.

"It has become a career to me. I just wanted to give a different and unique to the modern concept of digital, "said Indah Dewi Pertiwi.

"I'm 11 days ngedance training for this latest video. Until I entered the ER because of exhaustion, and location shooting are also more than one, "said soloist who was rumored to join the RCM (Republic of Love Management) this.

Video clips single 'Hypnosis' was made in the 3D version by involving some sophisticated technology. In the concept of her music videos, short-haired beautiful singer is going to dance at several different exotic places namely, Lombok, Jakarta, Bali, and Thousand Island.

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