BIP Must Wait 7 Year For New Album

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Departure from the new spirit, with a more rock feel in aransement and song, BIP had to wait 7 years to re-release 6 songs on her new album. The band was formed in 2000, should make a mini album because of pressure 32 thousand fans in networking Facebook and Twitter.

"We are called with this latest album, urging 32 thousand fans like to give a new spirit to our work again," Pay said told reporters when met at the HardRock Cafe, Central Jakarta, Friday, November 26, 2010.

Previous word got band with personnel Pay (guitar), Bongky (Bass), Indra (Keyboard), Ipang (vocals) will dissolve itself because of saturation and the busyness of each, but denies Pay with ease. "Dismiss it is not true, we are so busy we do not have time thinking about the band and also not had time to bubarin band. Hahaha," joked Pay.

In this latest mini-album, BIP offers excellent songs such as the Sun and Rainbow, Inside Your Heart, Kat Allen, Leaving, Mane Mane Bole, and Phenomenal.

The band that never leave the Slank in 1996 was very much hope that her album was well received in the ears of loyal listeners. "Most importantly we are a legend song again," said Ipang.
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