Intensive, PSSI Office Counters Tickets On Damaged Due On Collapse

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Thousands of prospective buyers AFF Cup semi-final ticket 2010 forced the organizers to open the window. They are also desperate to take action anarchists to destroy the logo shown on the front PSSI until he left office

Not satisfied with destroying the logo PSSI, desperate masses trampling a black car parked in front of the PSSI. Lucky moment will be burned, the police come and intervene directly.

"Can you be disciplined, stop and immediately disbanded. Please come back tomorrow," said an officer to intervene when the mass, Saturday, December 18, 2010 ..

An angry mob did not heed police speech. Instead they increasingly violent, shouting, "open-cheater counter opening. We do not ask, we are still paying for. So do not deceiving PSSI," screamed the fans.

currently the pengantre ticket booth still forced to open. But, none of the counter officer in sight. Only the number of police officers who attempt to muffle the fans anarchy.

Counters will re-open tomorrow, Sunday, December 19, 2010, from the morning. Chief Coordinator AFF Cup Tickets 2010, Edy Prasad sure there will be no ticket sales, the second semi-final between Indonesia against the Philippines today, Saturday, December 18, 2010.

Previously, the local organizing committee (LOC) confirmed only one ticket booth will open sales today. However, along with ticket sales progress until last night, Edy sure there will be no ticket sales today.

"Ticket sales this day be eliminated so that we can make preparations for the match tomorrow. We've done three days of ticket sales, 14, 15 and December 17, yesterday," said Edy time, Saturday, December 18, 2010 morning.
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