Cristian "El Loco" Gonzalez Takes Indonesia Excellence in First Leg

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Cristian 'El Loco' Gonzalez became the protagonist for the Indonesian national team in the face of the Philippines on first leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 semi-final on Thursday (16/12/2010) night. Single goal of bringing printed Garuda squad won 1-0.

With this result, then Indonesia only need a draw when barmain SUGBK second leg on Saturday (19/12/2010), to be advanced to the finals, to challenge the winner between Malaysia and Vietnam.

Held a benefit game away in the pride of Bung Karno Stadium, Indonesia took the initiative to attack directly. In the first 10 minutes, Indonesia immediately get the opportunity through Oktovianus Maniani and Cristian 'El Loco' Gonzalez, but unfortunately have not produced results.

Okto still sideways kick while El Loco-kick from close range after receiving feedback M. Nasuha that do overlap, it is still capable goalkeeper thwarted mainstay of The Azkals, Neil Etheridge.

The Philippines itself still capable of giving continues despite resistance from supporters of Indonesian terror getting crowded GBK. The mainstay of Bomber Azkals, Philip Younghusband gave threats through hard kick from outside the penalty box in the 12th minute. Luckily, Markuz Haris Maulana appeared sprightly and brushed off the ball that passed through the rapids into the right side of the net.

The Azkals not stay silent and responded with a quick counterattack. Philip Younghysband again spread terror with a hard kick from the right side outside the penalty box Indonesia. But again, Mark appeared spry in a rescue net.

The whole Bung Karno Main Stadium when the game entered the smoldering torn half-hour period. El Loco is the goal that triggered the fans cheered, including Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia welcomes a shawl unfurled immediate goals that make Garuda squad winning 1-0.

Gol originated from gastric bait Utina Word team captain who greeted header El Loco who stood on the far post. Persib Bandung bomber's header had touched the crossbar before sliding into the goal. Indonesia 1-0 advantage to survive until the interval.

Entering the game the second lung, Indonesia remains the hunt for goals by bringing valuable capital toward the second leg three days later. However, the Philippines is also not stay silent and continue to try to dismantle the defense of Indonesia. As a result, buying and selling continues launched attacks both teams, although no one has produced results.

Entering the 72 minutes, the Philippines nearly equalized through Joseph Younghusband, after utilizing blunders of Mark in anticipation of the ball. 24 year old midfielder was immediately kick off a rebound towards goal salto Indonesia that has been left Mark's forward. Young defender Zulkifli Gratitude becomes the savior of Indonesia in heading the ball out the ball right in front of the goal line.

At ten minutes of games remaining, Indonesia began to relax the attack and more focused to maintain excellence. However,Red and White army still able to occasionally threaten the goal Etheridge through two substitute players, Bambang Pamungkas and super sub, Arif Suyono. Unfortunately until the fight was over, no additional goals. Indonesia had to be content with a 1-0 advantage, leading the second leg to be played in the same place on Saturday (19/12/2010).
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