Priscilla did not want to present So Infotainment

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Information entertainment events in Indonesia, according to Priscilla Febrita, unlike infotainment events abroad. So for now he is avoiding service infotainment shows.

Moreover, the style of presentation of the information displayed on television entertainment Indonesia only two styles, a serious and smiled. Indeed, the two styles like this, can not be affected by Priscilla.

Women's owner is 165 cm tall, said that while bringing events like relax and be yourself. However, the speakers said that Pica is intimately called, is entertainment information in Indonesia was not able to present the entertainment news and gossip with a comfortable style.

"The information here is not entertainment like 'Entertainment News' overseas," he said.

She exemplifies the style of Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic example. Events infotainment news station that is not too heavy to watch and more entertaining presentation.

Currently, many projects at one time sporting event. He is familiar with the quiz game F1mania Formula 1 and also presented an F1 Highlight

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