IAEA: Republic of Indonesia Ready to Build Nuclear Power Plant

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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed that Indonesia is the country best prepared to develop nuclear power, along with the other two countries, Jordan and Vietnam. "Support the IAEA as a political incentive for Indonesia to develop nuclear power, " said Ambassador to Austria, I Gusti Agung Wesaka in Vienna, Austria, on Wednesday night (15/12)

Currently, according to him, still a problem for Indonesia is public acceptance and political decisions, while other aspects are considered to comply. "Bangka Belitung can not move without a political resolution of the center. While Vietnam has already started by agreeing on the construction of nuclear power cooperation with Russia," he said.

The conclusion was the result of research-based IAEA in Vienna, entitled "Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review 2009"which examined the readiness of developing countries to develop nuclear power plants. IAEA Director General Yukia Amano very enthusiastic support Indonesia develop nuclear and hope to visit Jakarta in the near future.

Meanwhile, Bangka Belitung Governor Eko Maulana Ali said, Babylon is ready to develop nuclear power plants to be supported by two places in the South Pacific and Western Pacific. He confirmed that Babel require electricity to meet the needs of increasing people's welfare. "We hope the government will also build a power transmission from Java to Sumatra and the NPP in Babel province, which could contribute to the national electricity capacity," he said.
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