As a new band, Andi / riff-addicted gig

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Andi / Rif looks excitedly brought a few songs belong / Rif Speedpop together a new band at a birthday party together Persikabo Esia in Field Local Government Cibinong. Andi was deeply impressed with the progress of music owned by the newcomers rock band in the realm of country rock music.

"I am impressed with the progress of rock music today, such as a gig outside of work / Rif close to me, too. And the band has potential as Speedpop, yeah so I'm addicted,

Andi was eager senior rock bands to work with a new band album or a few of its promises. "Whether it's love or large concerts, this concert as Esia, often together with the senior band new band," said the father of Balian of this Ibrahimovich.

So what is really abundant in the band / Rif itself, with regular jobs Andi takes off his belt? "/ Ridge will continue to exist in the hearts and ears of loyal listeners, we were committed to the old," said Andi.

Speedpop a chance to duet with Andi / Rif at the concert this afternoon, eager to challenge Andi concerts together again. "Duet with senior is also a lesson for us to continue to work for rock music," says the singer Achi.

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