AFF Cup: Bend the Philippines, Indonesia Malaysia Challenge

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Indonesia succeeded in conquering the Philippines 1-0 through goals pretty Christian El Loco Gonzalez. Indonesia is entitled to advance to the AFF Cup final 2010 after winning 2-0 on aggregate.

At the peak of the party, Garuda Forces already in Malaysia the previous tungu also successfully conquer Vietnam 2-0 on aggregate. Final will be held on December 26 and December 29, 2010.

Compete in the presence of thousands of supporters who packed the Red White Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Sunday, December 19, 2010, Red and White immediately appear aggressive.

Beginning with a shot speculation Firman Utina after just two minutes walk, roll attack the Red and White to force more Filipinos to survive.

Red and White created the best chances of Gonzalez in minute 12. Exploiting cross Mohammad Nasuha on the left side, Gonzalez managed to break the hard header. Unfortunately the ball was still led to goalkeeper Neil Etheridge.

At 34 minutes turn Okto the spread threats. Again utilizing prick M Nasuha, Okto successfully fired hard. Unfortunately the ball was slid over the bar.

The new stadium roared two minutes before the first round was over. Utilizing his first kick rebounds, Gonzales had fired shots measurable goal that is able to break through the Philippines. Indonesia led 1-0 until halftime.

Entering the second half, Indonesia is likely to double the advantage if Yong Aribowo able to kick the ball hard merebound Zulkifli Gratitude. The ball successfully taken goalkeeper Neil.

At minute 57, the Philippines create opportunities through the action of striker Phil Younghusband utilize wild ball. Luckily, his shot is still above the crossbar Markus Horison.

One minute later the Philippines again threatened. Golden opportunity for the visitors obtained by Chistopher Greatwich header on 58 minutes. Unfortunately the ball the bait header captain Alexander Borromeo failed dimanfaakan after the ball wide.

Indonesia's best chance Arif Suyono obtained at minute 86. Utilizing Word Utina football corner, Indonesia this lively winger managed to break header. Unfortunately still widening.

Philippine struggle getting heavier after Greatwich sent off after bagging two yellow cards. As a result until the game was over the score 1-0 to survive. Red and White to the final success.
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